Practitioner Spotlight: Chet Everett Franklin

Each month we highlight one of the talented practitioners at Portland Healing Space so our community can get to know the PHS family. This month, Chet Everett Franklin, licensed Acupuncturist & Shiatsu Practitioner, has stepped into the practitioner spotlight!

Chet’s passion lies within the LGBTQ community. Chet has worked with the LGBTQ community for over eight years in various capacities, and wrote his dissertation on the advantages that Chinese medicine can have for Trans people at all stages and degrees of transitioning. He understands the many barriers this community faces when accessing healthcare and identifying knowledgeable and culturally sensitive providers.

We sat down with Chet to learn a little more about him:

How did you come to work at Portland Healing Space? My interest in acupuncture started while I was volunteering with Americorps in Seattle. Being quite poor and without insurance I started learning about Chinese herbs and nutrition; treating food as medicine. I was excited to learn how nature can be used to help treat health issues from common colds, to body pain, to internal medicine, as well. My interest still lies greatly with Chinese herbs and I like to incorporate these into acupuncture treatments for my clients.

Acupuncture isn't just about needles. Can you tell us a little more about what you do in acupunture? I like to practice a variety of needling techniques that are dependent upon my client's needs. Some patients need a more aggressive needling approach while other patients who are more sensitive or even needle phobic, require more gentle needling. In these instances, I use a gentler Japanese style technique. For those clients who are not interested in needles at all, I enjoy doing Shiatsu style massage which incorporates acupressure and massage into a very relaxing treatment.

You recently went to China, can you tell us what you were doing there? I was studying in the Chinese medical hospitals in Nanjing, China where I learned just how different medicine is in China versus here in the USA. Most patients in China get acupuncture EVERY DAY! I can't imagine clients coming in every single day due to the demands of the American lifestyle and culture, but once a week treatments look extremely do-able.

While in China my love of cupping was re-ignited. I every clinic where I worked, every patient had cupping done daily. Patients found great relief from pain with this technique. Almost every patient also received electro-acupuncture, a technique where the needles are connected to electricity. This technique works well for relieving pain and loosening tight muscles. Most patients just feel just a slight tingling and enjoy the sensation as their muscles begin to melt.

I was also very excited to be working in a clinic specifically for kids! There they treated kids not with needles, but with acupressure. In China, most Western Doctors refer kids to get acupressure as an adjunctive therapy to prescription drugs. At this clinic we treated a lot of colds and flus, poor appetite, and poor digestion. I am enjoying incorporating these techniques with my clients here in Portland.

To learn more about Chet and book an appointment with him, we invite you to visit his practitioner page! You can also call 503-894-9437.