Facials, Tinting and Waxing

If your skin could speak, what would it tell you?

Blemishes, wrinkles, discoloration, oh, my! Are you tired of trying expensive treatments and products that may or may not help? Work with our licensed esthetician to nourish your skin and learn once and for all how best to care for it.

We don’t stop there. Skin problems are symptoms that speak a thousand words. Our largest organ, skin works diligently to protect us from harmful bacteria and generally to keep us healthy. Count on our esthetician to help you listen to your skin. Understand the underlying causes of symptoms so you can prevent outbreaks before they happen.

Research indicates that good skin care benefits the immune system, so we encourage you to adopt this aspect of holistic self-care. Let us help you integrate good skin care into your self-care routine!

Or simply treat yourself to a facial or other skin care service – brow tint, lash tint and waxing...just for the fun of it. At Portland Healing Space, we use only the most nourishing, organic skin care products in a spa-like setting. Next time you come in, ask us about the Evan Healy products we proudly use and offer for sale.

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Full Body Waxing

Choose from many options within each category: facial wax, upper body wax, mid-body wax and lower body wax.

Facial Wax Options

Upper Body Wax Options

Mid-body Wax Options

Lower Body Wax Options

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